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SEDOL: B0YQ5W0 | ISIN: US0378331005 | Symbol: AAPL | Type: Share.
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About Apple

Recognized as the most valuable company in the world, Apple was originally created as a small company for the production of computers in California in the 1970s. The founders - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. After several dozens of computers sold, in 1976, the company was officially registered.

Today, business is not only the production and release of digital devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, iMac) and accessories to them, but the organization and the monetization of its own online services (iTunes, App Store, in the long term - iTV).

IPO Apple

Initial public offering of Apple shares made in 1980, on 12 December in the amount of 4,600,000. The starting price of the shares Apple was $ 22, but by the end of the day rose to 29 dollars. During its existence the company produced three split (1987, 2000, 2005) 1 to 2.

Capitalization Apple

Apple has been recognized as the most expensive brand in the world back in 2011, when its score was 309 billion dollars. At the end of February 2012 the market capitalization of the company exceeded half a trillion dollars. The main income from the sale of Apple gets his gadgets and accessories to them, as well as network services (business applications and digital goods - music, movies, books).

Apple shares are traded on the Stock Exchange NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange. In early 2011, the total number of issued securities exceeded 921 million. The largest shareholder of Apple is a fund of Fidelity Contrafund, which accounts for 10.43 million shares. Earnings per share was 41.89. Dividends - 2.9%.